J&S Engineering UK Ltd is a company with over 34 years of expertise within the UK machine tool industry.

We specialise in providing a range of green technology solutions and systems for the processing, treatment, management and recycling of machining waste materials for manufacturer’s looking to reduce their carbon footprint, improve their sustainability and save money.

J&S Engineering work closely with carefully selected, high-end specialist suppliers across Europe to exclusively bring to the UK both standalone machines and customised systems to enable the recycling, reclamation and re-use of waste materials from all types of metal swarf to cutting oil and coolant. We are the sole UK agents for FAMA fully automated swarf centrifuge systems and crushers, Hocker Polytechnic Brikstar briquetting machines, Rimann fluid separation and swarf spinning centrifuge systems, Sofraper industrial machine and floor cleaning vacuums. All of these companies have been carefully selected based on the leading technology, quality of their products and excellent level of support that they all offer.

The variety of equipment enables customers to consider different options for managing their waste materials and with incentives such as achieving up to 99% reclamation of cutting oil, up to 70% reduction in swarf volume, as well as worthy increases in metal swarf recycling value, the benefits speak for themselves.

In addition, with improving efficiency for turned parts manufacturers in mind, J&S Engineering design and manufacture our own innovative range of component collectors and bar chamfering machines in the UK. These exclusive, comprehensive collections of versatile, cost effective equipment have been developed to provide flexibility with bespoke solutions and a number of models in each range.

From advice, consultation, factory visits and material testing, we are able to identify the right products or systems to save time and money for industrial swarf recycling and processing; oil and coolant fluid filtration, reclamation & distribution systems; machine & floor cleaning equipment; component collection and bar, stud rod & tube chamfering and ending machines.

Our experience across a diverse range of industry sectors from aerospace to sub-contract manufacturing and medical to automotive, means we are able to tailor effective solutions to suit our customer's needs.