J&S Engineering UK Ltd offer our own full range of UK designed, built and manufactured Bar Chamfering machines. We are the sole UK suppliers for FAMA fully automatic centrifuge systems & swarf crushers; Hocker Polytechnik briquetting machine systems; Rimann manual swarf & fluid centrifuges; Sofraper industrial machine cleaning vacuums. All machines have been expertly designed and feature world-leading technology.

Bespoke systems designed and built by FAMA Italy to manage the removal and recycling of swarf chips, reclaim oil and coolant efficiently and reduce swarf volume.

Specialist high-performance hydraulic swarf briquetting and conveyor systems from briquette press manufacturer Hocker Polytechnik and swarf conveyor company Novaxess Technology.

A full range of leading manual swarf & fluid separation centrifuge products from Swiss centrifuge manufacturer Rimann AG.

Exclusive range of parts handling machines to safely catch finished machined components. Designed & built in the UK by J&S Engineering UK.

Our own full range of UK designed, built and manufactured bar, stud rod and tube chamfering & ending machines featuring world leading technology. Three innovative, fast, cost effective and versatile models with easy operation – fully automatic, semi-automatic & manual.

A comprehensive range of patented technology industrial dust, metal and fluid vacuums. Sofraper Vacuum Systems provide technical solutions to manage the vacuuming of dust, swarf chips and waste machining fluids, as well as fluid separation to enable reuse of oil or coolant.