STC250M Manual Chamfering Machine

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The STC250M Manual bar chamfer model offers a solution to enable maximum bar size to be run by any machine by turning the outside diameter down to suit a smaller gripper collet to allow automatic bar change and remnant extraction.
This model includes as standard a turn and chamfer tool, precision 3-jaw chuck, variable spindle speed controller, quick change cutter head assembly for bespoke tooling and a bar support stand.

Additional options available include an automatic hydraulic driven chuck, a centre drill, 4-jaw chuck for square bar, special tooling for bespoke jobs, quick change spindle tooling interface for bespoke tooling and a high speed 3000rpm spindle.

Additional tooling options available include spot face and chamfer, overturn and chamfer, face chamfer centre drill and internal and external chamfering with facing for all types of tube.

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