STC250S Semi Automatic Chamfering Machine

Chamfering | Over-turning and chamfering | Stud Rod Chamfering

The STC250S Semi Automatic bar chamfer model is a medium volume, compact and portable production machine, for chamfering and ending mass-produced parts at high speed.

For chamfering, over turning and chamfering and stud rod chamfering, the STC250S delivers a cycle time as low as 20 seconds per operation.

Changeover times between part sizes are as low as 10 seconds.

The machine can deliver 1500 rpm with 4kw of power directly driven to the cutting head.

The machine features an automatically driven 3-jaw chuck and we can provide bespoke tooling to cater for any special application.

The fast and reliable adjustable high pressure hydraulic clamping system ensures precise gripping on all materials including plastic.

A bar support stand is also supplied.

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J&S Engineering UK Ltd semi automatic STC250S bar chamfering machine with bar support stand for chamfering bar ends in the turned parts industry CNC machining
J&S Engineering bar chamfering machine cutting heads