NR Engineering invests in bar chamfering machine from J&S Engineering

The J&S Engineering range of chamfer machines feature a new generation of bar chamfering technology for over turning bar stock for auto-loading bar feeders and CNC lathes.

This is something that NR Engineering in Colne recently decided to invest in through the purchase of a model from our STC range.

Being able to over turn bars, will not only enable both their sliding head and fixed machines to run to their maximum capacity but will also save material wastage. This will see them make a positive shift in both their production and cost efficiency.

By using the twin overturn head, the STC machine can enable the full bar capacity of the bar feed and machine spindle bore to be utilised without material loss from longer remnants.

With an additional focus on health and safety in the workplace, the recent investment in a bar chamfering machine by NR Engineering, eliminates the use of a grinding wheel to manually grind a chamfer on all material bars.

semi automatic bar chamfering machine installation
semi automatic bar chamfering machine being operated by customer