Financial & environmental benefits from new swarf system

This complete swarf processing system installation at Smithstown Light Engineering in Ireland has been recently completed by J&S Engineering. The bespoke system installed at their brand new 40,000 sq ft manufacturing plant, is fully up and running and instantly providing the following economic & environmental benefits:

  • 70% reduction in swarf volume
  • 99% reclamation of neat cutting oil otherwise thrown away with the waste swarf
  • Processing between 350 & 400 kilos of large volume, curly stainless steel swarf per hour
  • Increased recycling quality and value of the waste swarf
  • Reduced storage costs for waste swarf.

The fully automated system comprises: swarf bin lifter & tipper, crusher with bar end / component separation, conveyor feed to high speed centrifuge & vibrating screen, oil recovery to self cleaning oil collection tank incorporating automatic pump out to IBC ready for re-use, conveyor to main swarf collection skip.

The inclusion of this system as part of Smithstown’s €6m investment in their newly constructed facility will provide both financial & environmental savings with the reuse of the reclaimed machine cutting oil & the improved recycling quality of the waste swarf.