Effectively collecting the parts they were ejecting every 20 seconds from their Citizen L32 was becoming problematic for Mini Gears!

The storage on long runs with this speed of production meant they were having to keep their sessions shorter in order to manage the parts collection.

Through advice from Citizen, the Stockport based company placed an order for a J&S Engineering DPH1000 model component collector to alleviate this issue and bring some additional benefits!

The solution not only provides Mini Gears with the capacity to collect their parts for longer production runs, but the nature of the design ensures critical surface finishes are maintained.

The fully programmable machine was set up to be M-code driven directly from the L32 so the rotation was precisely controlled by the lathe cycle itself.

The DPH is set up with a unique coolant drain-back feature designed specifically to enable the reclamation of this resource and save money. Simply explained, it means that all of the coolant from the parts landing on the rotating disc will drain down and is then fed directly back to the L32 for instant reuse.

Resource, money and time saving benefits all from a component collector - what an investment!

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