What would you do if you had over 160 tonnes of cast iron swarf a week to deal with?

We invited Colin Griffiths & some of the MTD team to our customer CNC Speedwell in Brownhills in the West Midlands to show them exactly how we were able to provide a solution to that very problem!

Watch the interview below to see the incredible bespoke swarf management briquetting machine and hear our MD Jason Stipling explain the original brief, the machine's operation, the new on-site processes, as well as the benefits and cost savings already being made by CNC Speedwell.

As with all of our bespoke projects, Jason worked closely with our specialist supplier - in this instance Hocker Polytechnik, to design and develop a swarf processing system in line with the specific brief from CNC Speedwell General Manager Steve Barwell.

The castings company have a massive 170 tonnes of cast iron swarf a week which they were having to ship abroad to 2 different countries for processing at immense cost. With increasing environmental pressures as well as the implications of the current pandemic for international transportation, this expensive and time consuming process had to change. Factoring in the onsite foundry, if the swarf could be processed at source then big cost saving and large cuts to the company's carbon footprint could be made.

We are able to provide advice and guidance on swarf management for varying levels of volume across many different materials. If you would like to have a chat with us to find out if we have a solution for you, please go to our contact page using the button below and fill in your details.