500 litres of oil a week are now being saved from Schivo’s plastic swarf.

Schivo Medical in Ireland have invested in a swarf centrifuge from J&S Engineering to reclaim oil from plastic swarf.

Medical parts manufacturer Schivo Medical in Waterford Ireland, were looking to lessen their environmental impact by reducing their waste output and in turn also make significant cost savings so they approached J&S Engineering for a solution.

Special cutting oil is used to machine their plastic parts, but reclaiming it has been impossible until now as the wasted oil remains ‘stuck’ to the plastic swarf. Because the oil sticks to the plastic and doesn’t drain off, the disposal costs for the swarf are much higher with greater charges levied by their recycler.

Specialising in oil & coolant reclamation with the range of high quality Swiss made swarf centrifuges from Rimann, J&S Engineering were able to recommend the Aryma 61 as the ideal system to spin the plastic. This system separates the cutting oil, leaving Schivo with both reclaimed oil to reuse, as well as the waste plastic swarf over 99% dry and much easier and cheaper to be sent for recycling.

The centrifuge was supplied with a gantry and electric crane hoist system incorporating a pivot arm which enables easier lifting of the large swarf bin & the drum.

The cutting oil used for machining plastic is an expensive resource, by spinning the swarf Schivo will be reclaiming 2000 litres a month which they can then reuse. A fine mesh filter is used within the drum to improve the quality of the reclaimed oil.

Based on the reclamation quantities as well as the reduction in disposal costs, the investment in the centrifuge will be paid back in just 8 weeks.

If you’d like to know more about how a centrifuge could help you, contact us via the link below!