J&S Engineering MACH 2024 Hall 20 Stand 321

This year J&S Engineering are asking ‘What’s on your shopping list for MACH 2024?’

Exhibiting an exciting range of machinery from our product offering, J&S are looking to demonstrate to both end users & OEM’s alike the benefits of swarf processing, oil and coolant reclamation, bar chamfering and component collection.

The range of solutions J&S customers can ‘shop’ for from our product range includes:

  • Reduce our swarf volume by up to 90% and increase its recycling value by up to 50%
  • Recover up to 95% of our coolant & lubricants to reuse
  • Reduce our carbon footprint and save money
  • Briquette large or small quantities of swarf
  • British designed and manufactured cost-effective bar chamfering, overturning and ending machine
  • Chamfer as low as 0.7mm bar
  • Safely catch our finished components and enable unmanned overnight running
  • Clean our machines quickly and separate fluids from chips to reuse

There are a number of machines on offer from J&S Engineering that provide affordable solutions to help businesses effectively tackle their ‘green agenda’ and relieve some of the pressure being imposed by the escalating prices of their raw materials. Those on stand will be:

Two swarf briquetting machine models from Höcker Polytechnik - the iSwarf 440 & its compact, portable ‘little brother’ the iSwarf 50. These machines process voluminous curly swarf down into briquettes between 45-70mm in diameter, as well as reclaiming any coolant present which can they be reused.

A small automatic swarf centrifuge system from FAMA which is ideal for chipped brass and steel swarf and also reclaims lubricants and coolant for recycling.

A manual swarf spinner from Rimann AG with a tank and filter for reclaimed coolant or oil.

From our supplier Sofraper there will be the versatile Optimoil vacuum for chips, fluids and sludge which provides mess free cleaning. Alongside this their Minipure unit offers portable lubricant / fluid treatment for the machine shop floor.

In addition, our range of British designed and manufactured bar chamfering machines and component collectors provide automated solutions for preparing material for automatic bar feeders and to catch finished components from CNC lathes and machining centres.

The bar chamfers offer high volume, compact and portable capabilities for overturning and chamfering bar and both our fully automatic and semi-automatic models will feature on stand.

Portable, fully programmable component handlers are designed to safely catch parts from all types of machines, provide an easier method of parts inspection as well as enabling light’s out / unmanned operation. Our rotary, belt and disc models will all be on stand to view.

J&S Engineering Managing Director Jason Stipling said:

'With over 35 years at the heart of the UK machine tool industry, we have dedicated our knowledge and experience to providing targeted and affordable automation solutions for turned parts manufacturers. In the current climate of soaring raw material costs as well as the increased focus on the ‘green agenda’ and becoming more sustainable, we can help businesses to manage both of these pressures by offering products that save them both money and time and reduce their carbon footprint.

In the last 12 years of MACH exhibitions we have seen the event go from strength to strength and it has continued to provide the best showcase in the UK for our industry. This is our seventh consecutive time exhibiting and we’re excited to once again have this platform to present our range of machines to such a wide-ranging and influential audience of buyers, CEO’s, machine operators and everyone in-between from companies both big and small.'

Stand 20 - 321