Quantum Precision have recently invested in an Aryma 51 swarf centrifuge from J&S Engineering.

The precision turned parts manufacturer were already using an old spinner for their general swarf but it was time for an upgrade.

The swarf centrifuge range that J&S exclusively supplies in the UK, delivers high quality swarf spinning solutions from our Rimann AG as you would expect from a Swiss manufacturer. High spinning speeds, compact design, easy to operate and high oil / coolant reclamation quantities all come as standard.

We were able to provide a complete solution to Quantum which efficiently reclaims a much higher quantity of oil than their previous machine, therefore resulting in drier, more valuable swarf for recycling.

In order to operate the machine most effectively, the centrifuge was also supplied with a pivot arm and electric crane hoist system which enables the swarf to be loaded and the centrifuge drum to be emptied with ease.

The centrifuge drum is fitted with a fine mesh filter, this ensures that the oil reclaimed from the spun swarf can then be reused resulting in additional cost savings.

If you'd like to know more about how a swarf spinning centrifuge could help your business please get in touch with us!