Last year, castor manufacturer Guy Raymond needed to implement a new system for processing their steel swarf. They were looking for something that would not only provide a more streamlined approach and save money but also improve their sustainability in line with their Environmental Policy guidelines.

Working closely with one of our specialist suppliers, J&S Engineering were able to offer a bespoke design service to meet Guy Raymond’s requirements for a fully automatic swarf processing system. The main goals were to provide a comprehensive solution to deliver a reduction in both the moisture level and the volume of their swarf alongside reclaiming their neat cutting oil. The company were already using an old semi-automatic system but were looking to significantly streamline their swarf management with a completely automated one.

From bin lifters and crushers to component separators, spinners and conveyors, our Italian supplier FAMA are able to design and manufacture bespoke swarf management systems from their vast range of processing equipment to suit material, space and specific customer goals.

The consultation process between all three parties enabled us to carefully take into consideration factors such as space restrictions both for access into the factory and the siting of the machine, as well as the need to route the processed swarf through the wall to the skip outside.

The finalised system for Guy Raymond starts with an automatic bin lifter. From this the swarf is tipped into a hydraulic crusher which also features a bar end and component separator, then onto a conveyor and into a centrifuge with a self-cleaning oil tank collecting the reclaimed cutting oil. The spun swarf is carried via a second conveyor which was specially designed to go through the factory wall for ejection to the outside skip. This motorised chute and level monitor ensure the skip is evenly filled by automatically adjusting to fill one side, then the other, before shutting off, sending an alarm back to the machine when the skip is full and moving clear for skip collection.

All the units needed to create the system were custom built and set up at the manufacturer to be passed off at their factory just outside Venice. This provided a great opportunity for us to take the customer to Italy to see the machinery ahead of shipping and installation and also ‘meet the makers’ to further build confidence in their investment.

By moving to a fully automated swarf processing system, Guy Raymond are now able to reclaim their neat cutting oil from the spun waste mild steel to reuse back in the factory. In addition the significantly drier swarf can be more efficiently recycled, saving them money, resources and time.

Their investment in this new system is part of their continued commitment to their Environmental Policy objectives whereby the company aims to achieve a reduction in any negative environmental impacts under their control wherever possible.