Swissmatic have expanded their swarf processing capability by investing in a centralised self cleaning oil filtration system from J&S Engineering.

The waste swarf from 25 sliding head machines on their factory floor is spun and recycled through their existing swarf management system, but the reclaimed oil couldn't be reused. Swissmatic approached us for a solution to enable them to filter the reclaimed oil so it could be reused on site.

With the addition of this new unit from our specialist Italian supplier FAMA, the reclaimed oil drained from the centrifuge is pumped straight to the new system. Firstly passing through a pre-filtration scrape conveyor, then into a self-cleaning drum filter where the oil is filtered through 5 micron output filters. The oil is then stored in a 2000 litre holding tank where it can be drawn off into drums to be redistributed around the factory for reuse where required.

By adding oil filtration to their existing swarf system, Swissmatic have levelled up their sustainability and will soon be reaping the benefits of the oil cost savings.