Maintenance free oil reclamation system as part of plan to reduce environmental and waste impact.

As part of their move to a new state-of-the-art facility, it was important to Qualiturn Products that they could incorporate a system to reclaim and re-use their machine cutting oil in line with their commitment to minimising their environmental impact.

When their MD Nicholas Groom approached J&S Engineering to come up with a solution, we were able to design a complete swarf centrifuge and ‘maintenance free’ oil filtration system.

Comprising of dual swarf centrifuge spinner units, gantries for swarf loading and unloading and a fully automated, self-cleaning 2500 litre oil filtration unit linked into their distribution system, the reclaimed oil can then be drawn off when required around the factory.

The swarf centrifuge units will be spinning different material types from brass and aluminium to various steels. By including a gantry system, this ensures easy and efficient loading and unloading of the swarf into the centrifuge drums.

The separated oil is automatically drained from the centrifuges into the filtration tank where it’s then filtered down to 5 microns. From the filtration tank, the reclaimed oil is pumped around the factory to various distribution points. The distribution system is pressure controlled back to the filtration tank when drawing on the reclaimed oil supply.

The oil tank itself is self-cleaning so no maintenance is required to clean sediment or sludge deposits. This is automatically drained separately and can then be put through the centrifuge to be additionally filtered and reclaimed if required.

Qualiturn are committed to improving their environmental performance and this has been a major part of their investment in their new factory as they move towards ISO14001 certification for their environmental management system. The active conservation of essential resources such as machining oil, enables Qualiturn to make a positive impact on their recycling and waste management targets as part of their environmental policy.