J&S Engineering were recently required to supply Dugard with a component collector to be sold as part of a turnkey package to one of their customers.

The UK machine tool supplier were looking to offer the addition of a disc parts handler to enable the customer to run their new machine overnight and unmanned. Components can be safely collected ensuring delicate surface finishes are maintained, as well as providing the storage required for a unmanned job. The DPH1000 was supplied with an extra long bespoke conveyor to ensure the correct fit with the SMEC SL2000SY CNC lathe.

The portability of the unit coupled with an easily adjustable height mechanism, means that this disc component collector can be utilised elsewhere around the shop floor to any machine. The height adjustment is made with an easy to operate winding handle.

A built-in sump for oil and coolant collection includes a drain-back function directly to the machine, enabling the customer to reclaim the oil / cutting fluids from the finished parts for instant re-use.

J&S Engineering design and manufacture a range of parts handlers here in the UK to suit varying requirements. To find out more about our full range, hit the button below.