Somerset based company Benchdogs recently took delivery of a new 'plug and go' iSwarf 50 compact briquetting machine.

Available exclusively in the UK through J&S Engineering from our supplier Hocker Polytechnik, this innovative small unit was the ideal solution for the multi-function workbench accessories manufacturer. They were looking to reduce their swarf volume and increase its recycling value. In addition to this the company will also now benefit from reclaiming their coolant as part of the compacting process and being able to reuse it.

As it's so quick & easy to install, the portable swarf compactor was up and running in just one hour.

Designed to be placed under individual machine conveyors to process swarf directly at source, the wheel mounted iSwarf 50 has a footprint of 1.15m x 1.18m meaning it can also be easily utilised around the factory floor where necessary.

Benchdogs will be using the iSwarf 50 as a centralised system to process their aluminium swarf from all 7 of their machining centres but have the option to move it to process at source should they wish to ever do so.

After only a month, founder and owner of Benchdogs Ralph, told us 'In a week we are putting through up to 1/2 a tonne of aluminium swarf. We used to go to the scrap yard once a week, now it will only be about once a month. The storage has been reduced massively.'

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