Whilst MACH 2022 might seem like a distant memory, the positive sales news as a result of the show is continuing!

Rotec Engineering purchased a Semi-Automatic Bar Chamfering machine from the stand when they visited J&S Engineering at the exhibition. The Evesham based company have since followed this with further investment in a component collector and a swarf centrifuge.

One of the obvious benefits of the show is being able to easily show potential customers the number of other solutions we offer. Rotec were interested to learn more about some of the other equipment that would be able to help with improving some of their post-production processes.

The STC250S is a semi automatic bar chamfering machine for bar preparation - including over turning and chamfering - which will allow Rotec to maximise the capacity of their CNC lathes.

In order to move to unmanned and overnight operation of their Star SW20 lathe, the addition of a component collector to this machine was the perfect solution for Rotec. They were able to request a special RPH500 rotary parts handler which was bespoke designed and made with 12 buckets. The small finished components collected across a larger number of buckets makes the checking process much easier.

Alongside this, the company have added an Aryma 31 swarf centrifuge for spinning finished parts to remove excess oil before parts washing. The nature of some of the parts they manufacture means they are prone to collecting excess oil which was causing their parts cleaning solution to become contaminated. As well as eliminating that issue, the oil collected from the spinner can be reused in their factory.

We love being able to help our customers achieve their money and time saving targets.

J&S Engineering design and manufacture a range of bar chamfering machines and parts handlers here in the UK to suit varying requirements. We're also the sole agents in the UK for Rimann swarf centrifuges. To find out more about our full ranges, hit the buttons below.